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Selfie Museum and what awaits you here?

Discover the Swiss Selfie Museum: a paradise for creativity and fun in Interlaken

Immerse yourself in a world full of creative photo backdrops! In the Swiss Selfie Museum, also known as the interactive photo studio and selfie experience world, 30 impressive photo stations await you. These include 12 fascinating 3D images and 18 colorful backdrops that provide perfect backgrounds for unique selfies and photos. Explore different themed rooms in this selfie exhibition, let your creativity run wild and share your best moments on social media. Experience fun and unforgettable memories in the interactive gallery together with your friends!

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Buy tickets online or on site

Visit our website or buy your ticket directly at the entrance to the museum


Explore our unique and creative photo backdrops

Stroll through colorful and themed rooms that serve as perfect backdrops for your photos.


Use the backdrops for your best selfies and photos

Find the best spots and take impressive selfies and photos in front of our artistic backdrops.


Share your unique photos on social media and enjoy the memories with friends

Upload your photos, share them with the hashtag #SwissSelfieMuseum and remember the fun moments.


Unique photo opportunities and unlimited fun at the Swiss Selfie Museum: your perfect adventure in Interlaken!

Do you remember the last time you did something completely unexpected or laughed so much that it almost hurt? The Swiss Selfie Museum is the ideal place to enjoy freedom and have fun – whatever your age. Enter a universe of lively, interactive photo backdrops that will amaze you and playfully captivate you. Immerse yourself in our fascinating world of images and experiences with 23 unique stations, including 10 impressive 3D paintings and 13 spectacularly designed installations. Each station offers unique photo opportunities in Interlaken, including creative selfie spots and fascinating 3D photography experiences. Colorful selfie backdrops and optical illusions for photos will inspire you again and again. Book your tickets now and experience an unforgettable adventure full of creative moments and fun for all ages.

Swiss Selfie Museum Bälle-Pool

Unique Experiences

Colors and light for unforgettable moments

Our Selfie Museum offers you breathtaking backdrops to express your creativity and take impressive photos. Immerse yourself in a world full of color and light and capture unforgettable moments that you will want to share again and again. Discover the numerous interactive stations and experience fun and enjoyment in an inspiring environment.
Illusionen im Swiss Selfie Museum


Deceptive installations in the Selfie Museum

Here you can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of optical illusions. Experience amazing installations that challenge your senses and offer unique photo opportunities. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of illusions and capture moments that you will never forget.

Neue Perspektiven im Swiss Selfie Museum


Experience new perspectives

Discover completely new perspectives and angles in the Selfie Museum. Our creative installations allow you to experience the world from a different perspective and take unique photos. Let your imagination run wild and capture extraordinary moments that you will share with others.

Emotionen im Swiss Selfie Museum


Emotional moments in the selfie museum

Our exhibition captures the magic of familiar emotions. Experience moments that touch your heart and capture them in impressive photos. From joy to amazement – our installations offer you the perfect backdrop to express your feelings and create unforgettable memories.

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Opening hours

Mon – Sun 09 – 22 h

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